Kiroli Park increases admission fee...but that's ok!

Kiroli Park, located on 150 acres just off Arkansas Road in West Monroe, Louisiana, has increased its admission fee from 50 cents to $1, according to a news release today.

Doug Seegers, Parks and Recreation Director, indicated that the increase is being put into effect “in order to maintain standards that our patrons have come to expect," the news release stated.

While some may see this as bad news, I think an additional 50 cents is reasonable considering what the park offers: playgrounds, gardens, dog park, tennis courts, lodge, amphitheater, hiking trails, picnic shelters, two nice ponds to fish in, and more.

I do photography sessions at Kiroli Park on a regular basis (see photos below), and sometimes I wonder whether people mind paying the admissions fee, especially when it’s a large family.

But I will happily continue to photograph at Kiroli Park for two main reasons.

Different Locations
There are so many different locations that can be used at different times of the day. When it’s mid-day and the sun is directly above, there are several shady options, including a walking bridge that is surrounded by trees. During the late afternoon, there are places around the ponds and the caboose by the tennis courts that work well with the setting sun. The park is small enough that you can get to and from several different locations quickly, which is great for photographers (and clients).

One thing I am always conscious of when I take individuals, couples and families to a location is safety. Now, the creative side of me sometimes goes into overdrive and I take risks to get the shot I want. But the safety of my clients is paramount, and Kiroli Park is one place where I feel very safe. My wife and I frequently take our kids to Kiroli to play or fish and we have always felt that the park was safe and well patrolled by management and law enforcement. In addition to park staff, a police car is always stationed at the park.

Monroe and West Monroe provide a lot of beautiful locations for photography sessions, and Kiroli Park is one of them. I am happy to pay a couple extra quarters in order for my family and my clients to enjoy a nice, comfortable, and safe park. Plus, the increased fee will go toward making the park an even nicer place. 

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